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17.4 million people voted for the UK to leave the European Union – the largest democratic mandate in the history of British politics. Their wishes must be respected. That means we must regain control of our borders, our laws and our money. Unequivocally, Leave means leaving the Single Market, leaving the customs union and UK courts no longer being subservient to the European Court of Justice.

Message from our Co-Chairmen


Richard Tice



Our campaign has been set up to make sure Leave really does mean Leave. Before the referendum, it was very clear what Leave meant. And it is very clear what Leave means today. We will not be a member of the Single Market, we will not be a member of the customs union and we will not be sending UK taxpayers’ money to Brussels. We have brought together some of the leading Leave voices from politics, academia and business to support the government as it sets out to deliver on the public’s decision. We look forward to the UK regaining democratic control over our borders, laws and our money. We urge those who supported Remain not to seek to delay, obstruct or dilute the Brexit process – but to accept the verdict of the British people and embrace the huge opportunities on the horizon for a free and independent United Kingdom.

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