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Leave Means Leave: Once outside the EU’s Customs Union, food prices will fall considerably

Date: 10 10 2016

Just like Oil, food prices go up and down. Clegg was saying nothing about food prices going down when the Euro was falling against the pound the last three years, now that the pound is readjusting due to the scare stories created by the likes of him he thinks it’s a winner to moan about food prices.

The truth, as everyone knows, is that once we are outside the EU’s pernicious Customs Union and able to import from the rest of the world without tariffs then food prices will fall considerably. The owner of Witherspoons, Tim Martin, makes this very point regarding wines from the New World for his pubs.

Does the bleeding heart Liberal Clegg prefer to prop up German coffee processors making more money out of coffee than the farmers in Africa – without even growing a bean? True Liberals should accept the referendum result and get on with using Brexit to build a fairer trade arrangement for the whole World but especially the developing World. Clegg is no more a Liberal than I am a Communist and should be ashamed to want to continue such an oppressive regime.

Said Brian Monteith, Director of Strategy and Social Media, Leave Means Leave.