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Express: Brexiteer accuses Remainers of wanting to have a recession so they can say ‘I told you so’

Date: 26 11 2016

Brexiteer accuses Remainers of wanting to have a recession so they can say ‘I told you so’

THE CO-FOUNDER of the Leave.EU campaign has accused Remainers of wanting the UK to be hit by a recession just so they can say: “I told you so.”

Richard Tice said “unpopular” politics were trying to “delay, deny and subvert” the will of the British people who voted to leave the in June.

The Leave campaigner hit out at Remoaners, such as Tim Farron and , suggesting they were damaging Britain by “deliberately talking our economy down” while the majority of the people now just want to “move on”.

Speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO, Mr Tice blasted: “This is a disgraceful attempt from the most unpopular people and politicians in our country – the establishment elite – to delay, deny and subvert the will of the 17.4 million people.

“Actually, what they are doing is they are damaging our national interest at a really crucial moment.

“Just when things were getting back to normal, the economy is doing well, project fear has been completely destroyed – actually what they are now doing is they are damaging confidence.

“It is making businesses think about whether or not they should make investment decisions and consumers think about they should be buying.

“This is against our national interest and they actually damaging our negotiating position with the European Union and they are damaging our standing and credibility around the rest of the world.”

He added that a section of the Remain campaign was “deliberately trying to talk our economy down” so recession hits Britain.

Mr Tice said: “[They’re doing it so] then they can say, ‘I told you so’.

“That is just disgraceful behaviour from people that should know better.”

He then agreed with host Hartley-Brewer that the actions of certain campaigners and politicians were in fact “treasonable”.

“It was crystal clear in the Government’s £9.3 million document before the referendum that the Government will carry out the instructions of the people,” Mr Tice added, “It was also made clear that our relationship with the single market would change.

“In other words, we would leave the single market, and the sooner the better because it has been a very bad deal for the United Kingdom.

“And we must leave the customs union so that we can go and negotiate free-trade agreements with great nations like the United States, with whom we could very quickly negotiate a new deal – a limited deal – next year, which would actually then increase our negotiating leverage with the European Union.

“At the end of the day, we have a very clear message at Leave Means Leave, which is ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’.

“Everybody understands that, it does what it says on the tin. We don’t actually need a deal with the Europe Union, we can just convert to a default option of WTO, which is what most other great trading nations around the world use.”

November 26th, Express