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The National: ”Free Ports”

Date: 18 11 2016


THE Centre for Policy Studies released a report this week describing how “Free Ports” could supercharge trade once we are free of EU customs regulations and state aid restrictions.

Allowing manufacturers to ship in materials and turn them into finished products for re-export duty-free, Free Ports have been hugely successful in the US; 86,000 jobs could be created.

Dying industrial centres on Scotland’s west coast, which found themselves on “the wrong side” for trade after we entered the European Customs Union, would become commercial powerhouses again, particularly if the UK moves to “the front of the queue” for a trade deal with Trump’s America.

Scapa Flow in Orkney, meanwhile, could become a Scottish Singapore, hosting an international trans-shipment hub which will only grow in importance as Arctic trade routes expand.

Following positive Scottish fishing industry reports, this underlines the world of opportunity Brexit can open up if we embrace change and innovation.

Jack Montgomery
Leave Means Leave

November 18th, The National