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Date: 19 02 2017


Food prices could drop by hundreds of pounds a year if tariffs are axed after Brexit, anti-EU campaigners claim

Lamb chops, fresh prawns, wine, strawberries and honey are just some of the items that could see significant price decreases

FAMILY shopping bills could plummet after Britain leaves the EU, it was revealed yesterday.

Hundreds of pounds a year may be wiped off the cost of a household’s food and clothing, the study by Brexit campaign Leave Means Leave reports.

Savings would come as tariffs on a wide range of goods imported from outside Europe — also booze, electrical items and cars — are AXED.

The food and drink gains include tasty treats from lamb chops and fresh prawns to prosecco, wine, strawberries and honey. But the potential bonanza goes beyond grub.

John Longworth, of Leave Means Leave, said: “Britain will be able to secure free-trade deals with the rest of the world and get better prices for British families when they shop for food and drink, clothes, cars and electrical goods. The EU has been incompetent at securing free-trade deals with the rest of the world so Brexit offers a huge opportunity.”

Only last week Brits were told that by the end of this year, the weekly food shop will be £5 dearer.

This is being blamed on the falling Pound and flooding in Spain. Leave Means Leave says this may all change when a new, global Britain is free to trade with non-EU countries without paying a premium.

There is a note of caution. Price cuts will depend on retailers passing the savings from import tariffs, which vary from product to product, on to shoppers.

And the EU could slap duty on their produce post-Brexit — but Mr Longworth believes Brits would then just buy more from outside Europe.

At least 35 countries are queuing for free-trade deals with post-Brexit Britain, it was revealed yesterday. They include the US, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and several Gulf states.

Jayne Adye, head of campaign Get Britain Out, said: “This destroys Project Fear. The UK will not be isolated and doesn’t need the EU’s so-called clout. We have our own clout and the world can see it.

“Trade deals tailored to our economy are now possible, rather than time-consuming compromises with EU states. Deals will be in the interests of the UK and our trade partners, rather than sacrifices to help Spanish tomato growers or facilitate visas for Romanians.”

February 19th, 2017: The Sun