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South Wales Argus: What recession?

Date: 03 11 2016

VOTERS in Wales were told by David Cameron and George Osborne to expect “immediate and profound shock to our economy” after a Brexit vote, followed by recession and the loss of countless jobs in the car industry. Remain campaigners hoping to be vindicated in their negative predictions will have been amazed, then, to see that not only is the UK now expected to be the fastest growing advanced economy of 2016, but that carmakers across the country are committing to and even expanding their existing plants. Car production across the UK hit a 14-year high in August and, far from abandoning Wales, we have seen Toyota’s executive vice-president say his company “fully trust in the people” working for them at Deeside. New plants for Aston Martin in St Athan and TVR in Ebbw Vale remain on course, too. The fact is, the economy is a lot more resilient than Project Fear gave it credit for. There are positive signals all over the country if you look past the gloom merchants of a London-centric media which focuses narrowly and disproportionately on the proclamations of the big banking corporations and multi-nationals, who just want to retain the privileges they enjoyed under the old EU system.

Richard Tice
Leave Means Leave

October 3rd 2016, South Wales Argus