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Express: ‘What part of LEAVE don’t they understand?’ Brexiteer SAVAGES Remoaner lawyers

Date: 12 12 2016

‘What part of LEAVE don’t they understand?’ Brexiteer SAVAGES Remoaner lawyers

THE chair of a hardline Brexit group has taken aim at “Remoaner lawyers” who are trying to frustrate the European Union departure with their legal challenge to keep Britain in the single market.

In a passionate rant, Richard Tice questioned those leading the legal challenges and their understanding of the people’s demands to eradicate the free movement of people into the UK.

Speaking on ’s Radio 5 Live, the Leave.EU co-founder claimed Britons had voted for so the government can regain control of its borders – and that is only possible while being outside the European single market.

Mr Tice, a successful businessman, said: “I don’t know what it is about the simple word leave that these gentlemen don’t understand?

“It was made crystal clear by , George Osborne, Michael Gove before the referendum that if we voted to leave the , we would leave the single market.”

The Leave Means Leave Chair added that the £9million Government pamphlet, which was distributed during the referendum campaign, said on “four separate occasions” that a vote for Leave would spell then end of Britain’s single market membership and that Britons had voted to leave the EU and “all of its component parts”.

Mr Tice continued: “The reality is we are only a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), as the Government lawyer has said, because of our membership of the European Union.

“We leave the European Union, we leave the EEA – and the people of this country voted to leave the single market because they don’t want freedom of movement of people.

“That was the number one issue of concern to the British people and you cannot remain as a member of the single market if you don’t accept freedom of movement.

“It’s crystal clear – what is actually happening is you’ve got these metropolitan elite who are trying to play games with the democratic will of the British people.”

A fresh Brexit challenge is set to go ahead after tens of thousands of pounds were raised within 48 hours to take the case to court.

The challenge, which will be heard in Ireland’s High Court, contends Article 50 should be reversible once it is activated. 

The new legal bid argues the European Council and European Commission may have breached EU law in relation to the Lisbon Treaty clause.

The case is being brought to Ireland, as an EU member state must be named in the legal action, but it is expected the Irish High Court will be reluctant to get involved and the case will be referred to the European courts instead.

Jolyon Maugham QC, who advised Ed Miliband on tax policy, launched a crowd-funding campaign on Friday evening and had reached his £70,000 target within 48 hours with donations from more than 1,8000 individuals.

Writing on his campaign page, the lawyer argues that , whether it is good or bad.

Mr Maugham wrote: “If we cannot withdraw our Article 50 notification then Parliament will have to accept those agreements – whatever their content.”

He has also suggested that the result of the referendum should only be respected if campaign promises from Vote Leave are genuinely delivered.

Speaking on LBC, Mr Maugham said: “Nigel Farage and John Redwood, who both said if the result was close they would campaign for a further referendum.”

He added that a lot of “promised”, which were made during the campaign, such as the extra money promised to the NHS had “simply evaporated.”

December 12th, 2016: Express