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Express: Latest legal bid to scupper Brexit DESTROYED by masterminds of court challenge

Date: 13 12 2016

Latest legal bid to scupper Brexit DESTROYED by masterminds of court challenge

THE PRO-EU pressure group which has launched the latest legal bid to scupper Brexit destroyed its own case in a report it produced 12 months ago, the Daily Express can reveal.

British Influence this week launched a bid in the High Court to insist that separate legislation would be required for Britain to leave the European Economic Area (EEA) separate to a vote on departing the .

The EEA is a wider free trade area that includes the EU 28 members along with Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

The legal bid is widely seen as an effort to delay similar to the legal challenge which saw High Court judges rule that MPs and peers should vote for a bill to trigger Article 50.

But, the has discovered that in a report in December last year British Influence concluded that its own legal challenge was wrong.

It concluded that the UK would have to reapply to join the EEA as a result leaving the EU and suggested Brussels would veto the application.

The report noted: “Article 128 of the EEA agreement also provides the EU with a veto over membership of the EEA and the negotiation of an Association Agreement with the EU requires ratification by all EU Member States.

“After a complicated renegotiation and soured relationships resulting from a UK vote to leave, the EU is unlikely to agree to the UK joining the EEA to only benefit from EU trade.”

Brexit campaign group Leave Means Leave said that the report last year shows British Influence had destroyed its own case before it had even properly begun in the courts.

Richard Tice, co-chairman of Leave Means Leave, said: “This completely contradicts the whole basis for the British Influence legal challenge and exposes their utter contempt for British democracy.”

He went on: “These endless legal challenges are the Remain campaign trying anything they can to delay and prevent Brexit.

“They acknowledge in their own report that when the UK leaves the EU it would automatically quit the EEA. They are duplicitous in their attempts to deliberately undermine the democratic will of the people.”

December 13th, 2016: Express