Former chancellor Norman Lamont warns Brexit is “under attack”

A former Conservative chancellor has warned that Brexit is “under attack”, calling on the House of Lords to “see sense”.

Lord Lamont said yesterday that Prime Minister Theresa May should be allowed to begin official negotiations as soon as possible.


Lamont, who supported exiting the EU, served as chancellor under John Major between 1990 and 1993, before being replaced by long-time Europhile Kenneth Clarke.

Making a speech in central London, Lamont slammed calls for mechanisms allowing Article 50 to be revoked if public opinion shifts, arguing such efforts show some peers and MPs “oppose the results of the referendum”.

“Some say maybe in the future the British people will change their minds. By that, they mean that they would like to change their minds for them,” Lamont said.

Speaking to Sky News, he added that “the House of Lords would be calling itself into question” if it followed through on proposed amendments offering MPs a meaningful vote on Brexit.

It comes after Downing Street today issued a fresh warning to peers on the same topic, arguing it could incentivise Brussels to offer the UK a bad deal.

Peers will again debate the Article 50 Bill tomorrow, with May still planning to formally launch Brexit negotiations by the end of this month.

March 6th, 2017: City AM