‘DELUSIONAL!’ Tory MEP slams EU rhetoric at European Parliament in Brexit debate

CONSERVATIVE MEP David Campbell Bannerman blasted the tone of EU bosses in Wednesday’s Brexit debate as “delusional”.

The Tory MEP for the East of England said it would be possible for the UK to to walk away from a Brexit deal and the Brussels bloc should “not try to do us down”.

MEPs from across the 28 state EU approved a resolution in Strasbourg on Wednesday setting out the parliament’s red line in the coming negotiations, by a margin of 560-133.

Speaking on LBC, Mr Campbell Bannerman said there was obvious “resentment” shown against .

He said: “I’m afraid I thought it was rather delusional… it was extraordinary some of the language used and the resentment against the vote.

“The point is we can walk away from a deal, we’ve got WTO rules. We would actually pay about £5billion in tariffs but we could compensate industries and farmers on that. 

“The EU would be paying £13bn in tariffs and that would come to the British government not to Brussels.

“Look we’re in a strong position and they should recognise that and not try to do us down and I think that was the central point from yesterday.”

The , which some estimates have put as high as £56bn.

It rejected any “cherry-picking” of privileged access to the single market for sectors of the UK economy such as financial services.


April 6th, 2017: Express