Working people robbed of £35bn to fund EU welfare for the rich, says chairman of Leave Means Leave

Eurosceptic John Longworth said £10billion went to fund EU bureaucrats while £13billion was given away to “often corrupt regimes” overseas in aid

By John Longworth, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave

WORKING people were “robbed” of £35billion last year to fund vanity projects for the wealth chattering classes, it was claimed.

John Longworth, chairman of Leave Means Leave, said £10billion went to fund EU bureaucrats while £13billion was given away to “often corrupt regimes” overseas in aid. 

He said a further £10billion was paid through taxes and inflated energy bills to support green subsidies – paid by those who can ill-afford it – to “save the planet”.

Mr Longworth called for a “red bus moment” and declared: “The relocation of these resources would increase NHS funding by a quarter and defence spending by a third and there would still be change.”

The 23rd June 2016 saw a landslide victory for the “Leave the EU party”, or at least it would have,  had it been a general election and there were such a political party.

It is estimated that two thirds of UK parliamentary constituencies and three quarters of those in England and Wales voted leave and on a very large turnout, this latter at least being a vote for democracy.

I am personally aware of many people turning out to vote who has not voted for many years and, in some cases, never before.

This is a testament to the relevance for people up and down the land, of the issues surrounding the referendum.

As I travelled to the corners of our nation, I became aware that people voted to regain sovereignty, a concept successfully captured in the phrase “take back control”, control over law making, of jurisdiction and of borders.

The very things that define a nation state. But it was also clear that they were exercised by the plain ignorance of the left- liberal elite, particularly in the metropolitan bubble and the media.

An ignorance of the condition of vast parts of our country, of the prospects of its people and of a huge discontent that this privileged elite had “lost the plot”, not so much “let them eat cake” as we will steal your cake and give it away without shame and then ridicule anyone who dares to complain!

It was a sort of sneering superiority, the nonchalant urbanity that precedes decadence and, eventually, social dissonance.

Like Wat Tyler’s medieval “Peasants’ Revolt”, the people on the 23rd June burst the elite bubble, but beware, the establishment are viscous in pursuit of their own interests.

This is amply and particularly exemplified by the obsessions of the elite, which are characterised by the abstract and the distant (in time and space), rather than the grubby reality of the practical and all too proximate needs of their fellow countrymen and women.

It is so much easier for the elite to chat at the Hampstead dinner table and the Islington action group, about giving money to far distant and exotic places (although not their personal money) than to deal with the over 800,000 unemployed (and possibly unemployable) under 25s in the UK.

It is so much more pleasant to swan around the world in the company of film stars, than to address the suffering of the old and infirm, the people they would call the “fat and the ugly” of Salford, Redruth, Middlesbrough and Tenby, as they wait for their operations and fester in badly run NHS hospitals, or to deal with the suffering of their children as they live in fear in state comprehensives.

After all what does it matter, the elites are well healed, have private health care and well funded comprehensives – for those who can afford the housing in the catchment areas, or the fees for privates schools.

It is so much nicer for the elite to be part of a superior and technocratic club (the EU), the pensions of whose officials are worth more than the average wage in the UK, paid for by those very people on the average wage through their taxes, than to be accountable.

So much more fashionable than to tackle terrorists and recognise the causes of terror, than to fund proper defences for our country, in an uncertain world.

It is said that “those which the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”.

One of the definitions of madness must be the taxing of citizens who are just about managing, through income tax, VAT , Council Tax etc, in order to give the money to those who don’t need it.

Last Year our government stole from us over £35 billion pounds to provide welfare to the rich and to provide for the vanity projects of the “chattering classes”.

Over £10 billion went to the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats of the EU, never to be seen again, to pay for the life style of the administration, for the distribution of monies to wealthy landowners around Europe, to support industries who compete with ours and put the very workers who pay these taxes out of work.

To facilitate an unlimited supply of cheap labour, undercutting UK workers and depressing productivity.

Nearly £13 billion was allocated to be given away to often corrupt regimes overseas, to countries who can afford to build nuclear weapons, but at least the left- liberals can feel good and chat some more about it.

Over £10 billion was paid through taxes and unnecessarily inflated energy bills,  to support “green” subsidies, money paid by people who can ill afford it, to supposedly “save the planet”.

And yet the UK represents only 3% of global GDP, so we could be 100% green and not move the dial, even if we accept that mankind is having an affect in the first place.

So, however many crazy schemes we have for uneconomic wind farms, for chopping down trees, transporting them half way around the world and then burning them in Yorkshire and for so called recycling materials that make no sense in economic or energy use terms, it will be nothing more than a conceit.

At the same time the rest of the world carries more or less as before. Not only are we taxing and impoverishing our fellow countrymen and women, but we are exporting their jobs and the pollution that goes with them.

A completely scandalous, fatuous and self harming policy, but at least it has badly advised, royal approval.

This is a red bus moment. The reallocation of these resources would increase NHS funding by a quarter and Defence spending by a third and there would be change.

Of course not all of the hard earned money would or should be re allocated, but a significant proportion could.

Perhaps then the people from whom it has been stolen will be able to rightfully have their  cake and eat it.

April 16th, 2017: The Sun