Leaving the EU will bring with it enormous benefits

NEW analysis from John Longworth, ex-director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce, reveals that Britain will be better off by at least £120billion as a result of quitting the EU even if we cannot agree a free trade deal.

As Leo McKinstry writes, Remain-supporting grandees are already lining up to try to sabotage Brexit.

They have been helped by the endless scare stories about the dangers of quitting. In the face of all this doom and gloom Mr Longworth’s research serves as an important reminder of what we stand to gain.

There are enormous savings to be made once we no longer have to send Brussels membership fees.

Businesses can look forward to lighter regulation once EU red tape is done away with – this will benefit us all by boosting pay and jobs.

Then we have the chance to secure new trade deals.

Countries are already lining up to take advantage of Britain’s reemergence as a global trading nation.

All this can only be done if the Government secures a true Brexit and takes us out of the single market and customs union as well as the EU itself.

It is vital that the House of Commons, despite the recent upheaval, is not allowed to backslide on Brexit.

June 14th, 2017: Express