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Commenting on the statement by Brexit Secretary David Davis, Richard Tice, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said:

Date: 07 11 2016

“We welcome the statement made by the Secretary of State reaffirming the Government’s commitment to Brexit and their pledge to deliver on it.

“Remain campaigners should make no mistake – the ruling by the High Court will not sabotage Brexit. It is a game being played by pro-EU campaigners who are damaging national confidence and our national economic interest. They should stop playing games and get behind the opportunities Brexit offers.  

“As David Davis confirmed, the timetable is still on track.

“Whether the Supreme Court overrules the High Court judgment or it comes down to a parliamentary vote, it is crucial that Article 50 is triggered as soon as possible to ensure that confidence in the UK economy is maintained.”

7th November 2016