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Express: Leavers AND Remainers DID say Brexit meant no more single market

Date: 03 12 2016

‘Stop INSULTING voters!’ Leavers AND Remainers DID say Brexit meant no more single market

A TOP Brexit campaigner has urged Remoaner MPs to stop insulting voters by claiming they did not know what they were doing when they backed Brexit.

John Longworth, the former head of the CBI, said europhiles were being “disingenuous” with their claims that people did not understand quitting the EU would also mean leaving the single market.

The influential business figure highlighted four unequivocal comments from the most senior campaigners on both sides of the argument which made it “absolutely clear” that would be the case.

His remarks came as new Lib Dem MP Sarah Olney sparked outrage by insisting there should be a second referendum because people did not know what they were voting for.

The newly-installed Richmond Park representative had to be humiliatingly pulled from a car crash radio interview when she was quizzed about the claim and failed to answer even the most basic questions about the EU.

And firmly rebutting her claim today, Mr Longworth highlighted four crystal clear statements – two from Remainers David Cameron and George Osborne, and two from Brexiteers Nigel Farage and Michael Gove – confirming Brexit meant leaving the single market.

The statements were:

David Cameron, June 12: “The British public would be voting, if we Leave, to leave the EU and leave the Single Market.”

George Osborne, June 8: “We’d be out of the Single Market, that’s the reality, Britain would be quitting, quitting the Single Market.”

Michael Gove, May 8: “We should be outside the Single Market.”

Nigel Farage, February 22: “I don’t want to be part of the European Single Market, I want Britain to leave the European Union, be an independent country and trade with the world”.

Mr Longworth, who was controversially ousted from his post at the CBI after declaring for Brexit, said Remoaners should now “accept the verdict of the British people”.

He said: “Remain and Leave campaigners were absolutely clear before the referendum that Leave meant leaving the Single Market.

“They were right. Leaving the Single Market is the only way we can take back control of our laws, our borders and our money.

“And any attempt by continuity Remain to now claim you didn’t know what you were voting for is entirely disingenuous.

“We urge those who supported Remain not to seek to delay, obstruct or dilute the Brexit process – but to accept the verdict of the British people and embrace the huge opportunities on the horizon for a free and independent United Kingdom.”

December 3rd, 2016: Express