Unskilled workers should be banned from entering UK for FIVE YEARS say top Brexit think-tank

The plan has received backing from several high-profile Tory MPs as it aims to bring immigration numbers down

UNSKILLED migrants would be banned from entering Britain for five years, under a Brexit blueprint to be unveiled this week.

It would help the government finally to hit its 2010 election pledge by cutting the annual number of arrivals to 50,000.

The new “fair, flexible and forward-thinking” immigration policy would guarantee all migrants the same rights as Brits after five years.

But they would only be allowed in if they have passed an English language test and have the offer of a job with a salary of at least £35,000.

And they would have to take out a five-year private health insurance policy to prevent dependency on the NHS until they are qualified settlers.

The plan, drawn up by the Brexit think tank Leave Means Leave, has received the backing of several high-profile Tories.

Theresa May has ruled out an Australian-style points system –but the proposed working visa system would meet the demands of public opinion expressed during the referendum.

MEP Steven Woolfe drew up the proposals in his first major intervention since quitting Ukip.

He said: “Brexit has given us a golden opportunity to change our immigration system for the better.

“We need one that is fair in its outlook, flexible in practice and forward thinking for our economy.

“This system will deliver on the will of the electorate.

“It won’t mean pulling up the drawbridge, as we will continue to encourage the best and brightest to migrate and settle here.”

For the past six years, the government has failed in its 2010 election pledge to cut migration to “tens of thousands”.

Former Tory Cabinet minister Owen Paterson said: “The overwhelming majority of Britons feel absolutely no resentment towards workers or students from overseas.

“But mass migration at its current level has fostered resentment, depressed wages and place an excessive burden on our public services.

“We have to do more to address the uncontrolled flow of unskilled labour and, in doing so, win back the trust of the British people.”

Fellow Tory MP Sir Gerald Howarth added: “This paper sets out practical measures by which we can reduce migrant numbers to manageable levels, which I welcome.”

April 9th, 2017: The Sun