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Express: ‘They haven’t a clue’ Brexit campaigner and business tycoon clash in heated interview

Date: 30 09 2016

‘They haven’t a clue’ Brexit campaigner and business tycoon clash in heated interview

BREXIT campaigner Richard Tice has gone head-to-head with business mogul Lord Karan Bilimoria in a heated live debate as the pair tackled how Britain should handle Brexit negotiations.

Speaking during a Sky News debate on whether Britain should push for a so-called “hard Brexit”, Leave.EU co-founder Richard Tice said the UK must exit the EU’s single market and scrap “free movement” migration by triggering Article 50 without delay.

Mr Tice, chairman of the Brexit-backing pressure group Leave Means Leave, said: “The Government has been given a huge opportunity through Brexit to reengage the UK with the rest of the world. 

“We’ve had the vote, what people need now – whether you’re a global investor, domestic business or consumer – people need certainty. They want to know when’s it going to happen, when’s the actual end of the two-year period going to be and therefore what’s the default case they can work towards.

“We can’t have a situation where you’re just sort of drifting on and on and then you’re subject to other global events. We need to serve Article 50 Q1 next year.

“The EU knows we’re serious. We are leaving, they’ve got two years to each a sensible agreement.” 

Strongly disagreeing with Mr Tice’s stance, while advocating the importance of implementing a “soft Brexit”, Karan Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer said the public was “conned” in the run-up to the vote and slammed the inaction of the Electoral Commission.

Ripping into the Leave campaign’s “outright lies”, he said: “It’s certainly not going to be simple and clear cut. People were misled badly.”

“Look at the uncertainty that’s been caused by this vote. Nobody knows what to get on with. ‘Brexit means Brexit’, ‘Leave means Leave’ – people have no idea what it means.

“You can serve Article 50, the question is should parliament have a say in that? This has not be decided. There’s a court case that is pending that will go on until at least December.”

Warning that Britain’s health service could collapse without European doctors and nurses, Lord Billmoria continued: “The workforce we need over here, the students, the academics, the academics, the farm workers, the hospitality industry, the city of London – everywhere we’ve got the EU and in the NHS and the care sector will collapse without EU workers.”

Accusing Lord Billmoria of “refighting the referendum”, Mr Tice urged him to move on: “This is just the myths that we heard leading up to the campaign. We’ve had the decision now let’s get on with it. Let’s not try and rerun the referendum. All these myths they’re just not true.”

Lord Bilimoria interjected: “This is not rerunning the referendum, this is actually seeing how this all plays out and you’ve got someone like Liam Fox negotiating for us. In negotiating, the first thing you’ve got to do is not to win, it’s to know your objectives. 

“They haven’t a clue what their objectives are. The prime minister doesn’t know. The three Brexiteers don’t know. Boris Johnson is going back on his word the whole time.” 

The interview comes as Ms Morgan pressed Mrs May to deliver more than just her slogan “Brexit means Brexit”, ahead of the prime minister’s party conference speech as leader in Birmingham next week.

Ken Clarke, a longstanding pro-EU Tory, also weighed in, claiming Mrs May was running a government without any policy on Brexit.

He said: “Nobody in the government has the first idea of what they’re going to do next on the Brexit front.”

September 30th, 2016: Express