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Scottish Daily Mail: MPs push for ‘hard Brexit’

Date: 28 09 2016

TORY Eurosceptics are lining up to join a new ‘hard Brexit’ group that will campaign to ensure the Prime Minister does not compromise with the EU.

Senior MPs, including former ministers Owen Paterson, Dominic Raab and Sir Gerald Howarth, have signed up to the ‘Leave Means Leave’ group.

They will use their position on the backbenches to put pressure Theresa May to leave the single market completely, retaining full control of Britain’s borders and ending the influence of Brussels on legislation.

The group was set up by businessman Richard Tice – a leading figure in the Leave.EU referendum campaign group – who called for Mrs May to pull out of the single market even if there was no trade deal.

‘Let’s be clear: no deal is better than a bad deal,’ he said. ‘The British people made it clear that they wanted to leave the EU. There should be no compromise on this.’ But the new body was savaged by former business minister Anna Soubry, a Remain supporter, who said leaving the EU with no trade deal would decimate industry.

By Daniel Martin, 19th September 2016, Scottish Daily Mail