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Leave Means Leave: The EU cannot hold UK to ransom over Single Market

Date: 12 10 2016

In response to claims that the UK may need to continue to make big payments to the EU after Brexit, David Campbell Bannerman MEP of Leave Means Leave said:

“These claims are absolute, unadulterated tripe.

“The reality is that the EU cannot hold the UK to ransom in order to access the Single Market because the rest of the EU need full access to our UK market – the world’s fifth largest economy. We are Germany’s second largest export market, for example.

“Most countries in the world have access to the Single Market without being a member of the Single Market and without having to pay the EU any fee for the privilege of access. Norway for example pays fees for membership of programmes and agencies but nothing for access, as their Ambassador made clear at our trade committee.

“At the end of this month Canada will sign a trade deal with the EU which will give them 99% tariff-free access to the EU Single Market but without any free movement of people or any payment of fees to the EU. It is just not an issue.

“This ‘unnamed cabinet minister’ should stop talking down Britain’s negotiating power, and consider their position. It is ignorant, negative and disloyal.”