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Leave Means Leave: Leave campaigners say Nick Clegg’s food wars would harm the EU, not the UK

Date: 17 10 2016

“The real threat from price increases on food and drink is to the EU, not the UK,” said Richard Tice, co-chairman of the Leave Means Leave campaign.
“If tariffs existed between the two markets, EU-sourced food would quickly cease to be competitive with home-produced food, increasing British producers’ share of the UK at the expense of EU producers.

“Likewise the prices of wine, dairy and other produce from outside the EU will drop quickly as the UK concludes global trade deals and abandons the EU’s punitive tariffs that makes food expensive in the UK.

“We can raise a glass or two as wines and fizz from the New World will be cheaper against French, Italian and Spanish sources. Other produce will fall dramatically putting pressure on the EU to cut its self-harming tariffs.

“Any attempt by the EU to chart the course Mr Clegg describes would be most unwise, inflicting substantial damage on EU exporters while British people celebrate lower prices from better trade deals than the EU can offer.”