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BBC: Brexiteers push EU business groups to agree trade deal

Date: 28 12 2016

Brexiteers push EU business groups to agree trade deal

Campaigners for an early Brexit have asked business groups across Europe to put pressure on their governments for a free trade agreement with Britain.

Leave Means Leave has written to the chambers of commerce in all the other 27 EU states, asking them to call for a “sensible agreement regarding the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU”.

The letter warns that trade barriers would have a “detrimental effect”.

It also calls for uninterrupted trade as well as near-zero tariffs.

John Longworth, the former director general of the British Chambers of Commerce and co-chair of Leave Means Leave with his co-signatory of the letter, Richard Tice, said there are “many important elections taking place in EU member states” next year.

“Businesses across Europe will want trade with the UK to continue as usual after Brexit and any hint of trade barriers by the European Commission will be rejected,” he claimed.

Mr Longworth added: “It is vital that these business leaders make representations to their national Governments to ensure that the EU is open for business.”

December 28th, 2016: BBC