ECJ Ruling Means Nought Unless UK Parliament Betray Brexit
Pro-Brexit Campaign organisation Leave Means Leave have pointed out that it would take a statute with a majority backing in the Commons to reverse Brexit.
Chair John Longworth has explained how the ECJ ruling is little other than Brussels twisting their own rules to keep the door open. The fate of Brexit actually lies solely in the hands of the UK Parliament.

“It’s no surprise at all that Brussels has left the door wide open for a UK return to the EU. This is yet another step in the playbook devised by the Remainer establishment in the UK colluding with the EU. They are desperate for our cash, clout and kudos and as per usual with the ECJ, they will make up the rules as they go along to suit themselves. But the UK Parliament has already passed through Act of Parliament the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on March 29th 2019. Thank goodness then that former Brexit Secretary David Davis had the foresight to do this in the light of today’s establishment backlash against the result. Now, the only way to stop that would be through the UK Government itself proposing a statute which would require a majority vote in the House of Commons to reject and reverse the democratic decision taken by the British people two years ago, which should be surely unthinkable for any elected individual with a shred of decency. The EU can keep that door as wide open as they want. The UK Government now has a duty to uphold our referendum result and it will be on any sitting Prime Minister’s shoulders and that of Parliament if that result is ever reversed and the public betrayed.”