Predictable Economic Scaremongering ‘Relaunch of Project Fear’

Chair of Leave Means Leave and former Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, John Longworth, has shot down scaremongering from the UK treasury today calling the announcement predictable.

“We absolutely predicted this relaunch of project fear with the treasury putting out faux economic predictions, just ahead of the PM trying to get the worst deal in history through parliament. The government strategy is so transparent it would be laughable were the subject not so serious – the future of the UK as an independent nation. Why should anybody believe a single word of it?

“All the economic benefits of Brexit lie in leaving the EU fully so that we can take back full control of regulation, trade and taxes to make Britain one of the most business friendly and competitive countries in the world.

“What this report deliberately dodges is a model that cuts the tariffs that Brussels imposes on the UK and that we must pay to them, something we simply cannot do under May’s proposals. Yet doing this would cut the price of food and clothes and help the poorest in society. Our government is following the orders of a protectionist EU supported by the multi nationals of the CBI, rather than doing what is in the interests of the British public.

“The EU has made plain it wants stop the UK undercutting them on tax and trading fairly with the developing world, while the Prime Minister is dead set on shackling us to a shrinking economic bloc with a dodgy currency. A model which has been proven over the last decade to be not just outdated in a globalised world, but downright dangerous.”