May Is About To Present The Worst Deal In History

News that a preliminary deal has been struck between the EU and the UK to be presented to cabinet has been met with consternation by campaign organisation Leave Means Leave.

Founder and Vice Chairman of Leave Means Leave Richard Tice has struck out, calling the potential plan ‘the worst deal in history’

“Forget all the noise and focus on the big picture. The Prime Minister is going to recommend daylight robbery: paying £39 billion for nothing in return; effectively handcuffing us to the Single Market and chaining us to the Customs Union forever. It is the worst deal in history. The Cabinet must reject it.”

Chair of Leave Means Leave and Former Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce John Longworth added

“Under these plans the UK Parliament will effectively become a colony. She will have betrayed her own manifesto, broken multiple promises made over the past two years and willingly subjugate the UK to foreign rule.

“We should see Cabinet Ministers resign over these plans.This will test the mettle of those who have been elected to positions of power on who they put first; themselves, their party or their country.”