Ahead of the Prime Minister triggering Article 50, John Longworth, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said:
“We congratulate the Prime Minister on sticking to her timetable to trigger Article 50 by the end of March.
“Theresa May has managed to achieve this despite the many months wasted in the Supreme Court and then in Parliament because of unpatriotic, anti-British campaigners seeking to delay and obstruct Brexit and at every turn undermine the PM’s negotiating position. 
“Despite these attempts the Government has delivered on its pledge and that is to be commended.”
Richard Tice, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said:
“Theresa May’s triggering of Article 50 will be an historic moment. In theory, it means that Britain is now committed to leaving the European Union, however many more battles lie ahead.
“Unpatriotic, pro-EU fanatics will continue to try to derail or, at the very least, delay Brexit by embarking on Project Fear Mark 2; in so doing they damage the strength of the Government’s negotiating position. 

“No deal is definitely better than a bad deal with the EU. With no deal we would use WTO rules, which is fine, after all most great trading nations work on this basis. This will become the key battleground, as Remain campaigners will almost certainly urge for an extension of negotiations or a bad deal instead of no deal.