LEAVE means Leave activists urged Cabinet ministers to turn their backs on Prime Minister’s Chequers blueprint during a demonstration in front of Downing Street as anti-Brexit campaigners stepped their protests against the controversial proposals.

Protesters wearing Chuck Chequers t-shirts made their feelings known as they waved placards with messages including Save Brexit, Bin the Backstop and Believe in Britain.

Ministers including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, Chancellor Philip Hammond and Environment Secretary Michael Gove were among those who attended the crunch meeting, at which Mrs May was believed to have urged them to back her proposals.

However, they did not have to walk directly past the demonstrators, as gates prevent members of the public accessing Downing Street – demonstration took place nearby in Whitehall.

Leave Means Leave shared details of the demonstration on its Facebook page.

ary Millhouse commented: “Need to chuck MAY she’s the problem doesn’t listen to anyone else.”

Lesley Gonella added: “Kudos to you all. Wish I could have been there!”

Pro-Brexit groups including Leave Means Leave believe Mrs May’s plans – named after the country retreat where they were thrashed out – would result in a Brexit “in name only” because they would see the UK remain part of a customs partnership, restricting its ability to strike details with countries outside the bloc.

A Leave Means Leave spokesman said: “Increasingly the government appear to be kowtowing to Brussels, so desperate to get a deal we are allowing the EU to dictate terms.

“It is clear the EU do not want us to leave the customs union and become a free and competitive nation, making a success of Brexit.

“The entire strategy to create a stalemate based upon a border between Ireland and Northern Ireland has been swallowed wholesale by UK negotiators and the prime minister.

“It is time we told Brussels that No deal is no problem and got on with the business of just leaving.”

The demonstration is the latest in a series of events organised by Leave Means Leave in recent days.

Former UKIP leader and prominent pro-Brexit activist Nigel Farage joined Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg for a Save Brexit Rally in Torquay on Saturday.

Mr Farage also topped the bill at another rally in Bournemouth on Monday, with Wetherspoons chief executive Tim Martin and Labour Leave’s Brendan Chilton joining him on stage.

Similar rallies are planned for Gateshead on Friday, and Harrogate on Saturday.

On each occasion, Mr Farage will be joined by Brexiteer Labour MP Kate Hoey at both.

During the Torquay event, Mr Farage said: “When Mrs May says Brexit means Brexit, she means Brexit means remain.

“We had a People’s Vote in 2016 – we made our decision.

“For this Government to attempt to leave in a half and half fashion is a betrayal of the trust that needs to exist between electors and elected.

16th October, 2018: Daily Express