Debate: Amid criticism of the Chequers plan, should we get a second referendum to vote on the deal?

No – Peter Bone MP is a board member of Leave Means Leave.

We have already had a referendum, and the British public voted to leave the EU.

Calls for a second referendum come from anti-democratic politicians and campaigners who refuse to accept the Leave result. This is a classic EU tactic – keep holding referendums until the Brussels officials get the result they want. Evidence suggests that if there were a second referendum, Leave would win by an even greater margin than June 2016. If that is the case, do we hold a third referendum to appease the establishment?

Politicians should be focused instead on delivering the result of the referendum in its entirety and ensuring that a proper Brexit is delivered – leaving the Single Market and the customs union, regaining control of our borders, no longer being subject to the European Court of Justice, and no longer contributing to the EU budget.

Demands for another referendum by anti-democrats is a cynical attempt to obstruct, delay, and fundamentally overturn the will of the British people.

July 17th, 2018: CityAM