Mr Tice has insisted that the best option for the UK is to leave with no-deal and to trade with World Trade Organisation rules. The Business owner argued with the founder of the Finsbury company Roland Rudd that a Plan B needed to be in place to leave the EU. Mr Rudd said: “I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a Plan B.

“No, there isn’t Richard, there isn’t a plan B that doesn’t harm the country economically.

The Leave Means Leave campaigner interrupted and said Plan B is what most other countries around the world use.

Mr Rudd spat back: “There is no-one that serves just on WTO, there is no country that just relies on WTO rules.

Mr Tice retorted: “You have bi-lateral agreements but you organise, you get prepared for that.

“And that’s the whole point, the Chancellor failed to release the money to allow people to prepare,

“We have ended up in a situation where it is all a bit late which was deliberately organised as such.

Mr Tice was asked by the host if there was anything Theresa May could come back from Brussels to satisfy his concerns.

He responded: “Two very simple things, you scrap the backstop because it is not necessary.

“Nobody wants to put up a hard border, there is no need to, the quantity of trade that goes across that border is tiny, it is a round of drinks in the scheme of trade we are talking about, put it in context.

“The second thing is, anybody in business knows, if you are going to pay money for something you get something in return.

“If we are going to be £39billion which we are not legally obliged to pay, you get a free trade deal in return.

“You don’t just pay that money for the right to start talking about it.”

December 11th, 2018: Daily Express