Responding to Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP’s resignation as Foreign Secretary, John Longworth, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said:
“It is becoming clearer by the hour that the deal agreed at Chequers does not command the support of the Cabinet, Tory MPs, the Conservative Party membership or voters across the UK.
“The Prime Minister’s proposal amounts to leaving the EU in name only – it is fake Brexit.
“It would mean we are still tied to the customs union, the single market, the ECJ and will still give substantial payments to the EU. It is also not at all clear that we will limit migration. 
“Boris Johnson is the latest member of the Cabinet to realise that Brexit under Theresa May no longer means Brexit.
“The Prime Minister’s current proposals are wholly unacceptable and must be drastically changed.  
“We urge Ministers, Conservative MPs, Conservative Party members and voters across the country to apply pressure to achieve significant change to the Prime Minister’s current Brexit policy.”