Responding to the Chancellor’s comments on a transitional Brexit deal, Richard Tice, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said: 

“A transitional deal is absolutely unnecessary and poses a huge threat to the UK economy.

“Through the Great Repeal bill, all EU law will be adopted into UK law before it is slowly unravelled. This in itself is a transitional arrangement but will take place during the two year period of negotiations.

“A transitional deal on top of the two years would take as long to negotiate as the final Brexit result meanwhile Britain would be forced to continue paying extortionate sums of money to the EU. This will create serious uncertainty at a time when the UK economy needs stability and leadership. 

“We must leave the EU within a maximum of two years after triggering Brexit. This means leaving the single market and the customs union so that Britain can start benefiting from Brexit at the soonest opportunity. We must not wait any longer to sign new trade deals with the many countries who want one, including the huge US market. 

“We urge the Prime Minister to overrule her Chancellor and confirm that we will leave the customs union and single market no later than two years after triggering Article 50.”