Responding to the Brexit draft legal text, Richard Tice, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said: 
“While there has clearly been some commendable progress, we are very concerned over the Northern Ireland backstop proposal. This is a dreadful way of negotiating. Just weeks ago, the Prime Minister said ‘no UK Prime Minister could ever agree to this’. Once again we appear to have caved in. 
“This is totally unnecessary and UK negotiators must insist that this is removed from the text. 
“We also have serious concerns over the proposals for our fishing waters. 
“Under the current plans, we will not be taking back control of our fisheries when we leave the EU – something which the Government had previously promised. 
“Ruth Davidson is absolutely right on this – our fishermen must have absolute control of our waters and fish from the end of March 2019 and anything less is totally unacceptable.”