Responding to the Brexit agreement, Richard Tice and John Longworth, Co-Chairs of Leave Means Leave said: 

“It is welcome that the EU now believe that talks can continue in respect of UK – EU relations post-Brexit and the commitment to nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.

“However, the agreement as so far outlined raises many questions and potential hostages to fortune.

“Clause 49 states that there will be regulatory alignment across the whole of the UK economy for an unspecified period. This would mean that Britain would be unable to adjust its laws and negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world, which are important economic benefits of Brexit. Albeit this is related to the Irish question, it could easily be a Trojan horse for a neverendum and would result in the UK having a deal worse than Norway’s. 
“The text on the ECJ has improved but must be amended in further negotiations.
“There is no limit set for how long the transition period will last, or a commitment to agree a trade deal before the transition period begins. This means that negotiations could be never-ending.
“It is imperative that the UK Government makes it clear that no money will be paid to the EU until our future relations, including our trade relations, are agreed. 

“Britain must be fully prepared to walk away from trade talks and adopt WTO trade rules in March 2019, which means a trade arrangement must be agreed in principle by March 2018. Under no circumstances should talks continue into a transition phase.

“Any transition period should be strictly time limited and reduced to specific technical issues. 
“The EU has much more to lose during the next stage of the negotiations – crucially the money.
“The UK Government should therefore be much tougher in its stance going forward; anything less would amount to a massive betrayal of the British people.”