Responding to the Prime Minister’s speech on Brexit today, Richard Tice and John Longworth, Co-Chairmen of Leave Means Leave said: 

“We welcome the sensible approach the Prime Minister set out in her speech today.

“Theresa May was right to reaffirm her commitment to respecting the result of the referendum and to take back control of our borders, laws and money.

“Worryingly, a number of the five measures of success are dependent on the EU negotiating in a statesmanlike, reasonable manner during negotiations.

“To date there has been no evidence that the EU desires to behave in such a way. It has done everything in its power to try to bully the UK and prolong and obstruct Brexit negotiations.

“It is the task of the Prime Minister to make Brexit a success irrespective of the EU.

“The Government should work to secure a Canada-style deal – which the EU have confirmed is available to us – immediately. This removes the need for any transition or implementation period.

“The Government must also make preparations to move to a WTO rule agreement with the EU in the event that Brussels tries to block a Canada-style deal. In any event, the UK should prepare to implement business friendly, economy boosting measures as soon as we leave the EU in March 2019, making best use of our new economic freedoms.

“This will give businesses and the public reassurance that Britain is ready to make Brexit a success from day one.”