Commenting on the EU’s confirmation that nothing must change during the transition period, Richard Tice, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said:

“The EU is dictating to the UK what will happen during the transition period. This is what we feared after the Prime Minister’s Florence speech. 

“The idea of a transition period was a ploy concocted by Brussels and others including the CBI to keep the UK chained to EU rules and regulations for as long as possible, while losing any representation it currently has in the EU institutions. As a result, the UK will be in a worse position than we are now, with even less control over our laws, money and borders.

“The Government should have rejected the idea of a transition from the start. Instead, it has fallen for this classic establishment trap.

“When the British people voted to leave the EU, they did not think they would have to wait for five years to do so.

“Taking back control of Britain’s borders was one of the key reasons voters chose to leave the EU.

“UK negotiators should move immediately to secure a Canada-style deal, which the EU have confirmed is available to us immediately. This removes the need for a transition.

“The sooner we leave properly, the sooner we can take advantage of the huge Brexit opportunities, to deregulate and grow our economy faster. Why wait?