Commenting on Carolyn Fairbairn’s (Director General of the CBI) speech at the University of Warwick where she will call for Britain to continue to have a customs union with the EU, Richard Tice, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said: 

“It is astonishing that the secretive CBI – who refuse to state their actual fee paying membership, yet claim to be the voice of business – appears to know little, if anything, about the business world. 

“Calling for Brexit negotiators to ‘revisit red lines’ will guarantee a bad deal for the UK. It will weaken our hand and is the worst strategy the Government could adopt. As anyone in business knows – no deal is better than a bad deal and the Government has accepted that. 

“It is deeply concerning that the CBI seem unable to accept both the democratic vote to leave the EU and the Government’s commitment to leaving the EU – specifically the customs union. Only by leaving the customs union can the UK  forge new independent trade deals with the rest of the world. Remaining in a customs union with the EU will eliminate major economic benefits of Brexit.

“Remaining in a customs union will handcuff all of British businesses to bureaucratic EU red tape even though approximately 90 per cent do not trade with the EU. This is one of the major benefits of leaving.

“This is the CBI back in Project Fear mode, just as they were during the referendum.

“The only area we are in agreement with the CBI is the need to dramatically accelerate talks.”