Responding to the amendment tabled by Anna Soubry MP for the UK to remain in the customs union, Richard Tice, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said:

“Britain will thrive outside of the customs union. Only by leaving it can we benefit from the huge economic opportunities of Brexit which includes securing free trade deals with the rest of the world and cutting tariffs on food, clothing and footwear which will benefit the poorest in society the most. We will also be able to create free ports around the country which we are not able to do while we are in the customs union. Free ports will create thousands of manufacturing jobs.

“It appears Soubry and the Labour Party want to stop new manufacturing jobs being created and instead they want to protect the vested interests of big multi-national corporations, who have most to gain by remaining in a customs union.

“I urge those who have put their name to the amendment to reconsider and remember that in the 2017 general election both the Conservative and Labour manifestos committed to leaving the customs union. That was less than a year ago and betraying the manifesto less than a year after the election is completely unacceptable to those who voted for them”.