Commenting on the House of Lords EU Committee report ‘Brexit: Deal or No Deal’, John Longworth, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave said:

“The findings within the report are skewed and do not fairly represent all the evidence that was given, or indeed, the facts. 

“The report falsely says that ‘no deal’ would bring an end to cooperation between the UK and EU on issues such as counter-terrorism, police and security and nuclear safeguards. This is incorrect – a ‘no deal’ would only be on issues of trade and this would mean that the UK would move to a WTO arrangement with the EU. Issues on counter-terrorism, police and security and nuclear safeguards would be discussed separately from trade talks.”

“Furthermore recourse to WTO would afford the opportunity to boost the UK economy and would thus produce a significantly better outcome than a poorly negotiated trade arrangement

“The report fails to recognise any alternative other than the “group think” dedicated to salvaging the status quo.”