PM in danger of breaking manifesto pledges on Brexit, says Owen Paterson

In response to media reports of the proposed ‘facilitated customs arrangement’ that will be presented to the Cabinet at Chequers on Friday, Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, board member of Leave Means Leave, commented:

“If true, this would be a complete breach of Theresa May’s manifesto commitment, reconfirmed to me at PMQs yesterday, to leave single market, customs union and ECJ. We could not eliminate tariffs to reduce prices for consumers and businesses, or strike free trade deals.

“Again if true, this would deny 100 per cent of British economy the full benefits of Brexit to appease only 12 per cent of UK GDP accounted for by exports to EU and be completely at odds with what 17.4 million voted for.

“We would be out of Europe but still run by Europe.”