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Telegraph: ‘Transitional deal will leave Britain in limbo’

Date: 21 11 2016

‘Transitional deal will leave Britain in limbo’

Richard Tice, co-chairman of the Leave Means Leave campaign, has criticised suggestions that Theresa May is aiming for a transitional Brexit plan in order to avoid a “cliff edge”.

He said:  “Businesses want certainty as soon as possible, which is why Britain must leave the EU within a maximum period of two years after triggering Article 50 – no EU deal is better than a bad deal – and leaving the Single Market and Customs Union as soon as possible are key to enabling the UK to take the opportunities provided by Brexit.

“A transitional deal will fuel more uncertainty and leave Britain in limbo.

“British voters have made it clear that they want to leave the EU and the Government must deliver on this in full and at the soonest opportunity – two years after triggering Article 50, or sooner if the EU fails to negotiate.”

November 21st, Telegraph