Eurosceptics insist Britain should not pay a Brexit divorce bill after figures show we have paid a staggering £375bn to Brussels over the last 43 years

This was even AFTER budget rebates had been taken into account, and showed the price has soared over time

EUROSCEPTIC MPs are urging Theresa May to stand firm against paying out a hefty divorce bill to the EU – after fresh figures revealed we’ve paid out £375billion over the past 43 years.

This was even AFTER budget rebates had been taken into account, and showed the price has soared over time.

The latest statistics slipped out over the summer show that the true cost of being a part of the EU is eye-watering, and MPs have demanded that this is reason for the UK NOT to pay an exit bill.

Talks on the issue have stalled as Brits go through the EU’s demands line by line – but ministers have promised to honour any obligations they must when we leave.

Richard Tice, co-chairman of the Brexit-backing pressure group Leave Means Leave, said: “This truly staggering amount of money shows what the real cost of EU membership has been to the UK.

“The British people should feel vindicated by their decision to leave this anti-democratic, bureaucratic bloc that has drained us of money and sovereignty over many decades.

“In light of these shocking new statistics, UK negotiators should stand firm against extortionate and unsubstantiated EU demands for tens of billions of pounds as a divorce bill.”

The total contribution includes billions that Britain did get back through funding and grants for bodies in the UK.

And the bill has soared from around £1.8bn per year in 1973 to £13.1billion last year, the figures show.

It was revealed over the weekend that MPs could BLOCK the Government’s plans to cough up in secret to get talks moving – as she will be unlikely to be able to authorise it without a vote.

A number of MPs and groups have repeatedly demanded that the UK pay nothing to leave.

A joint report last week by the Conservative European Research Group claims new legal analysis showing that Britain doesn’t owe the EU a penny.

But Brussels owes us our 16 per cent share of cash reserves tied up in the European Investment Bank (EIB) – equivalent to €10.2 billion.

The ERG chair Suella Fernandes MP said that “the European Commission has no legal claim for a Brexit payment.”

And Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for North East Somerset, has previously said: “There is no logic to this figure, legally we owe nothing.”

The EU is demanding Britain continues its £10 billion net contributions until the end of 2020 – 20 months after Brexit – in addition to paying vast sums of money for the EU’s pension liabilities.

The news came as the EU’s Guy Verhofstadt continued to play hardball with the UK this morning.

Today ministers revealed plans for Britain to continue to offer its military might and top spies to the EU in a bid to break the Brexit talks impasse.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said Britain wanted a post-Brexit security partnership with Brussels that was “deeper than any third country and that reflects our shared interest”.

But the European Parliament President said today that the EU would not accept a “trade off” in order to get a deal.

He said in a press conference this morning: “It cannot be if you give us a deal on one, we offer you cooperation on security.

“There is key there is a close relationship on internal and external security… There can be no trade off for one or the other.”

The EU chief refused to discuss it in any more detail until more progress had been made on EU citizens, the Northern Ireland border issue, and the divorce bill.

And he urged Mrs May not to hide from MPs and to come to address MEPs and other EU officials as soon as possible.

September 12th, 2017: The Sun