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Express: ‘We have this opportunity’ Brexit allows new underground farms to flourish in the UK

Date: 29 08 2017

‘We have this opportunity’ Brexit allows new underground farms to flourish in the UK

BREXIT will allow new underground farms to flourish in the UK as Britain rids itself of European Union farming policy and takes full control of rules.

Underground farms is one area in which the UK can expand after Britain cuts ties with the European Union

Growing Underground, a farming company has, since 2015, been growing micro-herbs including pea shoots in a former World War Two air raid shelter, 33 meters beneath ground. 

The underground tunnels allow the ideal growing environment for produce all year round. 

Speaking to Sky News, Ben Reynold, deputy chief executive of food lobby group Sustain, said the UK Government has an opportunity after Brexit to expand using new technology. 

He said: “The Government really needs to step up now, we have this opportunity with Brexit

“They have the responsibility, it’s no one else’s responsibility, they can’t blame Europe.  

“It’s going to be the [Government’s] responsibility, they need to sort it out. 

“So we can protect British farming livelihoods and also make sure that consumers get good quality food.” 

Steven Dring and Richard Ballard sounded the farm which occupies tunnels under south west London providing an environment for micro-herbs and salad leaves. 

Fears have been raised about how the agriculture industry would be impacted if the United Kingdom left the block without a deal. 

Mr Dring said: “One of the benefits of being down here is that we are not affected by adverse weather or the winter months, so we get a lot more crops by growing in a controlled environment like this.

“I think we need to look at innovative ways and embracing agricultural technology and technology to help produce more food locally and in the UK.”

Leave Means Leave co-chairman John Longworth ridiculed claims that the farming industry would not be able to cope with the UK walking away from the EU.