Irish border will NOT stop Brits getting the Brexit they WANT – Northern Ireland secretary

THE Irish border issue will not stop Britons from getting the Brexit they voted for according to Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire.

The Tory MP said he does “not accept” the idea  will not be the kind that Britons want, despite fury from some Brexiteers over the “full alignment” clause. 

Appearing on Sky News, Mr Brokenshire said: “I think that yes, this was always going to be one of the most challenging and difficult issues that we face during the course of the Brexit negotiations. Absolutely. 

“That’s why we focussed on this very firmly with the paper that was published in the summer to set out some of those objectives, to set out some of those ideas. 

“That’s why we wanted to make that progress, the sufficient progress, that we have now made to get into that discussion. 

“Yes, to deal with those issues of alignment and examples that you could give around that that I’m happy to discuss this morning, as to how that can be achieved. 

“It is about that positive objective of  being within the UK, seeing the UK as that whole and moving forward in that fashion.” 

But Mr Brokenshire ripped into the EU’s structure of Brexit negotiations during a BBC interview. He said Britain was never going to solve the Irish border issue in the first phase of talks.

In order to get a deal, the UK compromised on a number of key Brexit issues – including the £39 billion divorce bill, the European Court of Justice’s jurisdiction over the UK for 8 years after Brexit, and the agreement on the Irish border. 

Irish PM Leo Varadkar claimed the whole of the UK should have “full alignment” with Ireland after Brexit, following the announcement on Friday that  had struck a deal with the EU. 

Clause 49 of the Brexit report states Britain must maintain full alignment with the European Union until there is an agreed solution on the Irish border.  

Full alignment on the Irish border would mean Britain remains in the single market and customs union until the issue of the issue is resolved. 

Leading Brexit campaigner Richard Tice said the compromises on the Irish border and the transition period were “deliberately” added by civil servants and could result in Britain being trapped in a “permanent” transition phase.  

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Mr Tice said: “There are two huge bear traps in this agreement that I think civil servants have deliberately put in there in cahoots with Brussels bureaucrats.

“If you never get that agreed solution then we can never deregulate, we can never sign free trade deals. We can never change our immigration policy.

“Therefore, de facto, we’ve not left the European Union.” 

December 10th, 2017: Express