Great Repeal Bill is a good step forward but we MUST remain vigilant, says RICHARD TICE

MONDAY night’s vote to pass the EU (Withdrawal) Bill at second reading is a step in the right direction, but we must still be vigilant against those who continue to frustrate or derail the Brexit process.


This call for vigilance is not meaningless or empty. 

While Brexiteers might find some comfort in the actions of a few honourable Labour MPs to support the Bill’s continued passage, the conditional support offered by certain MPs on the Conservative benches show that the battle to get this legislation through the Commons intact will be tough.

MPs, including some Conservative Remainers, stand ready to unleash an onslaught of 157 amendments that currently cover 59 pages.

In treading the tightrope of minority rule, the Government must be wary not to get sucked into a never-ending spiral of concessions and capitulations – remembering the purpose behind this Bill.

The desire to regain control of British sovereignty is a key reason why many across the country voted to leave the EU. 

This Bill is merely the facilitator of that desire – transferring decades of EU rules and regulation into British law in a way that will provide certainty and continuity for business.

The arguments of this Bill’s detractors are poor excuses for their continued bitterness at being on the wrong side of last June’s referendum result. 

After this Bill is passed, Parliament and its lawmakers will have the power to amend, repeal and improve the transferred laws as appropriate. 

After all, where were their complaints when, for decade after decade, the biro brushes of countless Brussels bureaucrats waltzed their way onto the British statute books?

We on the leave side must still remember that, although we have a Government committed to delivering Brexit, the fight must never stop against those who seek to paint us as narrow-minded and ill-informed.

The British people will be watching Westminster’s politicians closely as this key piece of legislation inches through the parliamentary process – any attempt to hamper its progress will be seen by them as an almighty establishment stitch-up.

September 13th, 2017: Express