‘Go whistle!’ Tory Brexiteer says multi-billion pound Brexit divorce bill is ‘ABSURD’

CONSERVATIVE MP Peter Bone said that if Britain had the ‘absurd’ amount of money the EU is demanding for the Brexit divorce bill it would have been spending it on the NHS or defence.

Brexiteer Peter Bone said the EU could ‘absolutely go whistle’ over the ‘absurd’  divorce bill.

He added that if the UK had that kind of money it would be spending it on improving public services.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Bone said: “If we had that sort of money then wouldn’t it be better spent on our public health services or perhaps some of it on defence?”

The Tory MP added that it was ‘absurd’ to have to pay to leave a club.

He said: “I mean it’s absurd to give them- that you’re coming out of a club, which you subsidised to the tune of 200 billion, and they want more money from us?

“I mean it just doesn’t make any sense!”

Mr Bone was asked by host Dermot Murnaghan whether he was in the ‘go whistle camp’. 

He replied: “Absolutely go whistle.”

The has insisted that a divorce settlement be reached before negotiations can move on to trade talks.

Britain is aiming to break the Brexit deadlock by making progress on the EU’s key Brexit issues – including the Irish border, the financial settlement and citizens’ rights.

If “significant progress” is made on the three key issues by December, the UK and EU will be able to move to the second stage of Brexit negotiations for the EU summit next month.

Theresa May received the backing of senior Cabinet members in November to increase the Brexit financial bill to £36 billion, which is double her original proposal.  

However,  according to one unconfirmed report from Brussels, the UK Government has accepted that it has 90 billion euros of liabilities and will pay around half – 45 billion euros (£40 billion).

November 29th, 2017: Express