DEBATE: Does it matter that post-Brexit British passports will be made by a French company?

Sir Gerald Howarth, former MP for Aldershot and a board member of Leave Means Leave, says YES.

Before the arrival of the current dinky passport with its “European Union” addition on the front, the blue model with its solid covers reflected the dignity of the text inside, which requires the bearer to be permitted to “pass freely without let or hindrance” in the name of Her Britannic Majesty.

News that one of the first acts post-Brexit would be restoration of the proper passport was greeted with applause – an immediate, visible, and tangible confirmation that we had resumed our status as a proud sovereign nation, a sentiment confirmed by the Prime Minister herself.

That manufacture of this iconic document is to be entrusted to a foreign company, rather than to the UK’s De La Rue, is a mistake, even an affront. France pays no attention to EU procurement rules, having its passports produced in France. We are leaving the EU, so let’s produce our bold new British passports in Britain.

March 23rd, 2018: CityAM