Theresa May must be prepared to declare for a clean, swift Brexit before it is too late

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An open letter has today been delivered to the Prime Minister supporting her efforts to fulfil the will of the British people by calling for a swift, clean Brexit and declaring that she should walk away from the negotiating table and prepare for trading under WTO rules from March 2019 if the EU continues to refuse to discuss the UK’s future trade relationship at today’s European Council.

In June 2016 the country voted, in the largest plebiscite, to take back control of our borders, money, law-making and courts. Our forebears paid a very high price in “blood and treasure” to achieve these liberties, far higher than some say we will have to in relation to leaving the EU. Fortunately, however, in practice we have every possibility of being richer as a nation by making a clean break, provided that the Government take action now and embrace the opportunities that Brexit affords us.

A few weeks ago the London School of Economics (LSE) conducted a large survey of public opinion which showed that some 67% of the population are now prepared to leave the EU without a deal. Other surveys have shown even greater resolve. It is clear that people outside the Westminster/New Broadcasting House bubble have more backbone than our leaders.

The open letter is signed by a former Chancellor, former Cabinet Ministers, business owners and entrepreneurs, leading economists and others who recognise what the people do – that the EU is leading us up the garden path to a last-minute, very bad deal, ably abetted by a fifth column of vested interests in the UK who want to see us poorer, semi-detached and eventually re-joining the EU project – to be the EU’s “vassal”.

By contrast, declaring that we are suspending any move to trade talks and instead adopting WTO rules of trade in 2019, we will simultaneously give absolute certainty to business of our destination and provide ourselves with time to prepare both the necessary administrative measures and to implement the economic benefits of Brexit, the moment we leave the EU.

Britain will then be free to create an enterprise-friendly nation; lower tax, lower regulation and lower tariffs. The 87% of the economy not linked to exports to the EU will thrive. The 13% that is linked will continue to prosper, given access to tariff-free components from around the world and to a competitive currency.

The reinvestment of our net contribution (£11 billion annually by 2019), in infrastructure (particularly digital), tax breaks for investment and R&D and a reduction in business taxes, will boost productivity and the wealth and tax take for public services. Growth in manufacturing and exports, will benefit the regions

The gradual elimination of external tariffs on food, clothing and footwear will benefit the poorest most, as a proportion of income, and boost consumer spending. Coupled with better control of migration into low pay jobs, these economic measures will increase wages.

People recognise this. It is what they voted for. It is by far the best outcome and is the only true definition of Brexit. There is only one sort of Brexit.

If our MPs and leaders of all parties allow themselves to be “suckered” by the EU, France and particularly Germany whose project this is, they will pay a heavy price at the ballot box and beyond. Now is the time to develop a backbone.

October 18th, 2017: BrexitCentral