In response to media reports of the Brexit White Paper that will be presented to the Cabinet at Chequers on Friday, John Longworth, Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave, said: 

“Assuming authoritative media speculation proves accurate, the plan for a rebadged version of the discredited New Customs Partnership would be Brexit In Name Only and would be a fraud on the electorate.
“Britain would head into a post-Brexit world not as an independent nation, but a vassal state with our hands tied behind our back and with one foot stuck inside the EU’s restrictive regime.
“The UK would be forced to collect duties on imports at the rate of the European Union’s common customs tariff – beholden to the bloc as their tax collector.
“This dreadful customs proposal would be accompanied by being half-in, half-out of the EU’s single market, which would offer preferential access to the UK for EU citizens and leave us unable to have rules and regulations that serve the needs of the UK economy.
“As a final nail in the coffin of an independent Britain, the European Court of Justice would continue to have a locus over the UK – leaving our own Supreme Court as nothing more than a neutered tribunal.
“Quite simply, this is not the Brexit that the British people voted for. The largest democratic mandate in British electoral history must not be disregarded with a cowardly fudge. 
“I urge Cabinet ministers to remain true to the instructions given to them by the British people and reject these damaging proposals.”