Statement on behalf of ​Leave Means Leave​ in reaction to Theresa May:

“Finally a half step towards talking tough and walking away.

“Now the Government has to be absolutely clear in explaining to the nation that ‘no deal’ would be ‘no problem’. We would automatically revert to a world trade deal, like many other nations in the world, that would see us prosper and begin our future as a fully free nation.

“She has allowed herself to be manipulated by the EU for two years when that time could and should have been spent building the foundations for a fully sovereign UK.

“She has allowed those opposing Brexit to spread baseless scare stories about what would happen if on March 29th we leave without compromising with Brussels.

“Now, we hope that Number 10 will show a far firmer stance towards the EU and reassure the British people that we are a strong and competent nation and that we will thrive if we just walk away.

“This should hopefully set the tone for a more honest and positive debate about the upsides of Brexit that has so far been seriously lacking. It also gives the PM the opportunity to re assess the way forward.

“She should chuck Chequers and offer the EU a simple FTA while preparing in earnest for No Deal. It is time the Government shows it believes in Britain.”


Richard Tice and John Longworth, ​Leave Means Leave