Brexiteers set £5 million target to halt Remain campaign

  • Leave Means Leave inundated with donations from public appalled that Brexit in jeopardy
  • £5 million target to combat wealthy establishment Remain campaign

The Leave campaign have set out to raise £5 million to tackle the establishment Remain campaign – backed by George Soros – to derail Brexit.
Leave Means Leave, who relaunched their campaign last weekend with the backing of leading Brexiteer Nigel Farage, plan to raise the funds by the end of October.
John Longworth, Chairman of Leave Means Leave, said:
Following two years of inept negotiations by the Government and the announcement of the disastrous Chequers White Paper, Leave means Leave are determined to lay open the deceit of the Government’s current Brexit policy, which amounts to a fraud on the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit and the many Remainers who have now decided that we must get on and leave the EU.

“We have been astounded by the tens of thousands of donations we have received from hardworking people right across the country. Leave Means Leave are extremely grateful for their generosity and support and these contributions boost not only the funds of our campaign but the psychological drive behind it.

“Let me be clear – the British people are furious with the way Brexit is being handled. Leave Means Leave will be holding rallies, street stalls, leafleting drives, social media campaigns, advertising campaigns and more. We are currently looking forward to welcoming thousands of people to our first rally in Bolton in just a few weeks.
“Leave Means Leave have the fight of our lives ahead of us. We are the David to the establishment’s Goliath but we are committed to winning this fight. Ambitious though it may seem, over the next three months, we want to raise a war chest of £5 million to drive this campaign.”
Since the relaunch, Leave Means Leave have been inundated with donations from tens of thousands of members of the public appalled that Brexit is now in jeopardy. The campaign has also been boosted by larger donations from prominent businessmen, who had previously thought the fight was over after the referendum victory.

The first rally will be taking place in Bolton on September 22nd and thousands of people are expected to attend.
Richard Tice, Vice Chairman and Treasurer of Leave Means Leave said
“Leave Means Leave are willing to do everything we can to apply pressure to the Government, plus Conservative and Labour MPs, to ensure that the Chequers deal is abandoned and replaced with a World Trade Deal. We should also propose to the EU a free trade arrangement along the lines of the deal they currently have with Canada.
“We have raised substantial funds from donors large and small, cross party and no party, with more coming in every day. Many big Tory donors are furious with the current party leadership and their poor negotiation of Brexit.  
“We will be urging the public to write to their MPs, take to the streets, attend our rallies to make it clear to fanatical Remainers who have infiltrated the Conservative Party and the Government that they lost the referendum and that we are leaving the EU in its entirety.  
“Brexit is one of the most exciting and positive things to happen in the history of our great country. We will be able to embrace a new confidence, make our own decisions and adopt an outward, global view. Rather than treating Brexit as a damage limitation exercise, the Government must accept this and deliver a positive message to every corner of the UK.  Any attempts to deny the outcome of the referendum is to betray our nation’s proud history of democracy. It will only seek to undermine public trust in the Government and the establishment. Make no mistake,  the damage will be severe.
“Britain voted to Leave the EU. Ensuring this is delivered is the democratic duty of the Government and Leave Means Leave will be holding them to account on this.”  
Nigel Farage, Vice Chairman of Leave Means Leave said:
“The British people were asked to make a decision on our EU membership and they voted leave. The arrogant bullying EU were always going to fight us every inch of the way but the real problem is closer to home. Our political class do not accept our decision and every attempt is being made to dilute, delay or even overturn our decision. 
“We voted to leave a political union and to become an independent country, yet the debate is taking place only in Westminster within our political parties and with virtually no input from the people. I do not trust our politicians to deliver a clean Brexit so it is time for people’s voice to be heard.
“I am going back on the road with Leave Means Leave to restart the referendum campaign. Our first event will take place in Bolton on September 22nd with many more meetings planned. This issue is above party politics and has never been a debate about left or right. Our task is to mobilise the millions of alienated and angry voters and to get them to put real pressure on their MPs not to betray Brexit in the coming months. They need to know that if they do, they will lose their job.”
This weekend Mr Longworth set out the Leave Means Leave policy and an alternative vision to the Chequers White Paper:
“Our policy is clear: The government should scrap the Chequers White Paper and start again. It should instead immediately declare for a World Trade Deal in March 2019, embrace and plan for this now and offer the EU a free trade arrangement along the lines of that with Canada, provided heads of terms are agreed by Christmas. Should the EU not be prepared to do a deal we should withhold the £39 billion proposed payment to the EU and instead use this money to smooth the move to Brexit, boosting the economy and generating taxes for public services. 

“On Northern Ireland, we should be clear that we will not implement border controls for people as long as the Republic of Ireland remain outside the Schengen zone and that we will implement a simplified electronic declaration notification systems for goods, as recommended by the EU’s own report, Smart Borders 2. If the Republic of Ireland wish to introduce controls that is their prerogative. 

“On EU residents in the UK, we should offer citizenship to all those who are resident at March 2019. 
“On migration we should encourage migrants into high skill jobs provided adequate regard is paid to the training and availability of UK citizens and we should discourage migrants into low skill jobs. Migrants into low skilled jobs cost taxpayers a net £3,500 pa in benefits and public services, effectively a subsidy to business to employ cheap labour rather than train domestic workers and depresses wage growth. 
Mr Longworth goes on to highlight the major issues with the Chequers White Paper:
“Our analysis in short, concludes that, taking the key elements of Brexit, a WTO deal is superior to Chequers for the following reasons:

Taking Control of our Laws

“Chequers shackles Britain to the EU rule book of laws covering vast areas of our lives, anything related to goods, the environment, employment law etc and leaves Britain with no say. Britain will be a vassal state of the EU, forever trapped. It also maintains jurisdiction of the European Court (ECJ).

“A World Trade Deal frees the UK from all EU law, giving us the liberty to trade around the world, improve productivity and wages, and determine our own destiny. We will also be free of the ECJ.

Taking Control of our Borders

“Chequers will allow anyone who has a job offer to come to the UK. Employment intermediaries will ensure that this means the continuation of mass migration, undermining the possibility of maintaining our culture, values and norms. It will also undermine productivity, disincentivising investment and training, and cost UK taxpayers in benefits and public services.

“A World Trade Deal will allow Britain to determine who comes into the UK according to economic need, making integration possible, adding value to the economy and boosting productivity and wages. It also means we can choose whom to give preference to, for example those countries who share the same head of state as Britain

Taking Control of our money

“Chequers commits the UK to pay the EU a colossal £39 billion for the privilege of leaving, that is £600 for every man, woman and child.  It is likely this figure will rise. It will also restrict our ability to remove tariffs and to strike trade deals and will necessitate us to share our fisheries.

“A World Trade Deal will allow us to fully take back our fisheries. It will enable the striking of trade deals around the world. We will not have to pay all, or any of the £39 billion, unless we receive something truly valuable for it. It will enable Britain to remove tariffs (these are taxes, the proceeds of which go to the EU) imposed by the EU on goods coming into Britain, significantly reducing the cost of living for our people, with the greatest benefit accruing to the poorest. For example, the tariffs on food are typically between 20% and 70%, the tariffs on consumer items like trainers and flat screen TVs around 20%. This will lead to big reductions in prices, boosting disposable income and boosting the economy.”